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Chachi to Perform at Haiti Relief Concert

On January 12, 2010, a major earthquake struck southern Haiti.  Millions of lives were affected by the devastation.

Chachi is pitching in to support the relief effort by performing at the Los Angeles Music Academy’s Benefit for Haiti Concert this Saturday, January 30th.  This will be an all day event, but Chachi will hit the stage at 6pm.  Please show your support with a $10 minimum donation.

The LA Music Academy is located at 370 South Fair Oaks Ave in Pasadena, CA.  More details to come on the Gigs page.  See you there!


It’s Randy’s birthday today!!

i would like to take the opportunity to thank him for everything he has done for this project-into-band. His work and dedication, other than writing and singing and playing guitar, he also records, mixes and produces the music in the 1st album(and the new coming one!).

He’s the most DIY person i know and he and richard are truly indie! (ie independent!) He also books the studio for rehearsals and brings all his gadgets – keyboard, macbook, guitars, and tons of cables – it’s really amazing how I met Randy and joined the band in June 2009 and i really enjoy my time since being in this band. Thank you for everything! You are much appreciated! =D many more great times to come and we will have a smashing gig tonight at Liam’s Irish Pub in Colton! =) Come celebrate Randy’s Birthday!

The Joy of TuneCore Trending Reports

Every week or so, I get to look at what TuneCore calls a Trending Report, which tells me where our fans are located, and what songs they’re buying. By the way, TuneCore is a distribution company that did the dirty work of submitting our album to all the various digital music stores on the web. Thanks to them, Chachi is all over the place: Amazon, iTunes, Lala, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, etc.

Top 3 songs? “By the River,” “One Hundred Miles,” and “Forget About Her” (a song I’ve yet to convince my bandmates to play live).

Now for the best part. Although our band has yet to leave the state of California, it’s always interesting to see how far our music has traveled. Here’s the latest:

    San Clemente, CA
    Allen, TX
    Arlington, TX
    Topeka, KS
    Bloomington, IN
    Martinsville, NJ
    Fairfield, NJ

Looks like a U.S. tour in the making to me. So, who ARE these fine people? If you’re reading this, drop us a line! How did you discover Chachi? Should we visit your town? What other bands do you like? Please let us know! Also, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!

Vinyl Sales Up 33 Percent? I Don’t Get It

Last week, The Nielsen Company posted their SoundScan sales figures for 2009: digital downloads continued to increase, CD purchases continued to decline, yadda yadda. But the real story here is that vinyl album sales went up 33% from the previous year.


Like I said in the headline, I just don’t get it. Fans of this ancient 19th century format will argue that “it just sounds better.” The last vinyl record I heard was “London Calling,” playing on (Chachi bandmate) Richard’s phonograph last Halloween. It sounded limp and tinny, the equivalent of turning down all the bands on your EQ except the rightmost one. Okay, maybe he just had cheap speakers. But if an LP’s playback quality is so superior to that of a digital music player, why would one play it through cheap speakers? Why go through all the trouble?

By “trouble” I mean the hassles of PHYSICAL MEDIA. They break. They scratch. They melt, for god’s sake. And a decent collection takes up multiple cubic feet of space, weighing hundreds of pounds. Want to listen to your favorite Beatles album on vinyl? Dig through your bins and boxes, pull the fragile disc out of its sleeve, carefully hold it by the edges, place it on the turntable, gently swing the arm over, resting the needle ever so gently in the groove… Ugh. Personally I’m much happier telling my pocket-sized iPhone, “Play album ‘Magical Mystery Tour.'” Boom. It plays.

Then there’s the artwork. Well, I can’t argue this point. I enjoy good album art. In fact, I purchased “Violent Femmes” and “Paul’s Boutique” on vinyl last year, not to listen to, but to frame and mount on my living room wall. 😛

So, my contention: listening to music etched onto a big black platter in the year 2010 is just a hipster novelty (DJs not included). Look, I wouldn’t mind pressing and selling a couple thousand copies of “Socially Inept” on vinyl, if the market is there. It’s just not for me.

Good Read: An Interview with Dig In Magazine

We’re famous! Dig In Magazine just published a rather in-depth interview with Chachi bandmate Richard Morales, along with a great spread of the band. Spoiler alert: Rich gives away the secret behind the name CHACHI!

For more juicy behind-the-scenes tidbits, check out the full article.

Chachi is on Pandora Radio… Finally!

Ever since our album was accepted by Pandora’s review team on November 20th, I’ve been searching for “Chachi” via their iPhone app on an almost daily basis. I got the same results every time: Chachi Jones, Cha-Chi by Frodus, Chachita by Louie Ramirez (I mean, come on!) Anyway, we were nowhere to be found.

Until today:

I originally submitted our album to back in June, so it’s been a six month long wait. Look at the description of One Hundred Miles in the above screenshot — their Music Genome technology pretty well nailed it.

If you haven’t tried Pandora Radio, you really should. Especially now that Chachi is available!

Chachi “Living Off the Land” at KEGS in Redondo Beach

We had a great show last weekend at KEGS. It was our first time performing there, so we didn’t know what to expect. I admit I was dubious when they asked us to bring our own P.A. system, but it was worth it. In fact, we’ll be back next month!

Here’s our opening number. Check out our YouTube page for more.

Happy New Year!

Chachi’s got a brand new website for a brand new year. Expanding on their original one-page wonder, you will find a much improved gig calendar, an all-new discography section, and a forum in which to speak your piece.  Oh and you can buy stuff, too.

Also, keep an eye on this space as members of the band post their latest news and deepest thoughts. Scary.

Hope you like it!