Thanks for partying with us at our release party!

Would like to thank all the performers who helped to make the party even more fun on friday! Thanks for all your support and the band wont have make it without all of your lovely people’s love! please post your awesome and crazy photos on our facebook page! We will post some here soon… =)

Chachi Album Release Party!

Chachi Album Release Flyer

Chachi’s new album “Enjoy the View” is out and we’re throwing an Album Release Party at one of our favorite venues to celebrate. Come out to KEGS at the Redondo Beach boardwalk for a night of great music, drinks, and magic. Special performances by our friends Shitting Glitter, Harry Fly, Ian Barraza, and Omar Covarrubias. CDs will also be available for purchase. Come early and enjoy the seafood at the boardwalk or have pizza and beer at KEGS. Mark your calendars, this will truly be an unforgettable experience!

KEGS — Redondo Beach

October 15, 2010 at 7:30PM

Album 2.0: Enjoy the View

The last honest album cover.

Who needs a recording contract?  Nut us.  Who needs major label distribution? No one, not anymore.  Today we released our second album “Enjoy the View,”  another DIY production from start to finish.  Here’s how.

Recording took place in two locations.  Full drum set tracks were done at our rehearsal studio in Santa Fe Springs, everything else was done in my living room.

Performances were captured by a Presonus FireStudio Project, plugged into a Macbook Pro running Logic Pro 9.  I used Orange County Speaker’s GLS ES57 and ES58 mics (local equivalents to the famous SM57 and SM58).

Most of my lyrics and song ideas were written in Evernote, which kept everything in sync between devices.

Mixing and mastering was done on a big ol’ 27″  iMac (for obvious reasons) and monitored via KRK Rokit 5 speakers.

Online distribution was handled by TuneCore.  Our CDs were duplicated by Disc Makers.

Thinking about releasing your own record?  Then do it!  Anyone can nowadays.  In the meantime, pick up our new record, available NOW on iTunes!

Pre-Album Launch Showcase THIS FRIDAY AT HOUSE OF BLUES!!!

Chachi will be the closing band! =D intimate accoustic set for our debut appearance in HOB! Join us in our pre-album launch party at VooDoo Lounge and You shall be Rewarded!!! 1st 20 people that mention “Chachi” at the door will get a sneak preview of the upcoming album! how awesome is that?? and of course, $10 cover! Good times guaranteed!!! Music starts at 8pm and we go on at 11pm!

Thank you to all our fans for your patience, due to much inactivity in gigging and web presence…. We have been working hard on getting the new album done and it will be released in September 2010!

It Has Been 514 Days Since Your Last Release

That nagging reminder greeted me today when I logged into my TuneCore account.  It’s been well over a year since I released the first Chachi album to iTunes and Amazon, mostly self-produced with a little help from bandmate Richard.

We are finally on the verge of our second album release, this time recorded with our full band lineup: Jason Smith on bass, Jennifer Ng on drums, Will Bilton on keys, along with me and Rich.  This will be a completely different record than the first, a truly collaborative effort with some world-class musicians!

Trust me, she's having fun.

But a collaborative effort can be much more difficult to pull off.  Getting five different people from five different cities into a studio to record isn’t easy.  People get sick, people forget, people procrastinate (me), and people injure their feet.  But in the end, it will be worth it.

Expect to see our next album in time for our House of Blues Voodoo Lounge performance on August 20th (see the Gigs page for more details).

4,000 Words


We’ve been meaning to take some new family photos, and finally got the chance last Saturday in Redondo Beach.  Thanks to Chenda Ngak for doing the honors.

For more cutesy-poo pics of this quality quintet, head on over to Flickr.

Gig, Write, Gig, Record. Repeat!

Thus, summarizing Chachi’s current modus operandi. We’ve got plenty of gigs coming up, taking us into the end of May. Check the gig calendar for full details.

All the while, we’re busy putting together new songs for our second album (title tk — if you have any suggestions, email us!). If you want a sneak peek at some of the new material, you gotta check us out live. As of this writing, we’re playing “Another College,” “Here for the Atmosphere,” “Skyline Boulevard,” “August Sun,” and “It’s Been Too Long,” with much more to come.

Like my trusty Les Paul… stay tuned.

Two Great Shows Coming Up, Both FREE!

This Friday, April 9th, we rock out at KEGS in Redondo Beach. This is a fantastic venue right on the boardwalk that continues to welcome us back, month after month. Details here.

Then on April 12th, just three days later, we will perform at The Continental Room in Fullerton, home town of bassist Jason Smith!  College town of guitarist Richard Morales!  Join us won’t you?

Come to Genghis Cohen for Some Chinese Food and Music!

Come and check out Chachi live in Hollywood! Performing acoustically with drums!
Debuting new songs from the upcoming album! Featuring, for the very first time,
Jennifer NG on vocals!!!

More Shows Coming Your Way!

We have just confirmed more gigs in the next 2 months… stay tuned for more details on the gigs page!

Meanwhile, we just recorded more tracks for the upcoming album.  It was one of the rare times where we all got to hang out, other than our gigs, due to how spread out the members of the band live in California. That said, we are a truly Californian band, where everything/where is just so spread out that you need a car to go around.  Sucks, but we love one another! <3

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