Forget About Her

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Recorded by: Chachi
I feel alone, so I pick up the phone.
I'll be in town because I need to.
Of course it's a lie, I'll be nowhere nearby.
I'm coming over 'cause I want to.

I'll never be alone,
Forever trapped inside your home.
Lock the locks and toss the keys,
Take a swim in your red velvet sea.

I want to, need to, forget you.

Now everything's changed, but I'm still the same.
It's hard to keep track with what you've been through.
You brushed with the law, you loved Arkansas,
But you settled for Vegas. I miss you.

We're still around,
living underground.
They dropped the bomb, the world is gone to hell.
We're playing Scrabble and watching SNL.

I want to, need to, forget you.