“Vermilion Eyes” Official Music Video

A year after the release of our last video “Allston“, Chachi proudly presents our fourth, “Vermilion Eyes”. This time, director/cinematographer George Aravanis shot with 16mm film rather than digital video.

It was a risky (and expensive) decision. He had never used old-fashioned motion picture film before, and Randy had warned him against it based on previous […]

On location: Vermilion Eyes film shoot

Principal photography┬áis complete on Chachi’s fourth music video. Director George Aravanis returns, this time with an Arriflex 16mm film camera alongside the usual HD video cam.

Special thanks to Mike Glass for filling in on the double bass at the last minute. He saved the day.

Next step: editing! Well, after processing and transferring the film to […]

Vermilion Eyes video starts production June 22

Some concept art for the next Chachi music video:

This time, we’re shooting on good old fashioned 16mm film. Yikes. Wish us luck, because we’re gonna need it!

“Allston” Official Music Video

In support of our new album “Fame Comes Along at Night”, here’s another exciting video starring the overlords of indie rock, Chachi. The song is “Allston”, available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else.

Starring Richard Morales, Will Bilton, and Randy Garcia as Chachi. With special guest star Tara Grant.

Directed by George Aravanis.

The Minnesota Sessions

Good news: Chachi began recording tracks for a brand new album to be released by the end of the year. Randy flew out to Anoka, MN to catch up with Richard (who’s trying to get into yet another college) and managed to lay the groundwork for five new songs.

Here’s a sneak peek […]

“Another College” Official Music Video

Another fun-filled music video starring the masters of indie rock, Chachi. The song is “Another College” from our second album “Enjoy the View,” available for download on iTunes and Amazon.com.

Starring Richard Morales, Will Bilton, Jennifer Ng, and Randy Garcia as Chachi.

Special guest stars Tara Grant and Harry Fly.

Directed by George Aravanis.

Shot with a Canon 60d […]

Slow Summer

Chachi took it easy this summer. Jennifer went back to Singapore. Richard’s working in Boston. Will and Randy are taking it easy in the meanwhile. But fear not; Chachi will be back with a new album by the end of the year.

To tide you over, here are a couple videos from […]

Three New Videos – Live in San Francisco

Here we are at the legendary Music Store:

“Skyline Blvd” Music Video

Chachi “Living Off the Land” at KEGS in Redondo Beach

We had a great show last weekend at KEGS. It was our first time performing there, so we didn’t know what to expect. I admit I was dubious when they asked us to bring our own P.A. system, but it was worth it. In fact, we’ll be back next month!

Here’s our opening […]