The Joy of TuneCore Trending Reports

Every week or so, I get to look at what TuneCore calls a Trending Report, which tells me where our fans are located, and what songs they’re buying. By the way, TuneCore is a distribution company that did the dirty work of submitting our album to all the various digital music stores on the web. Thanks to them, Chachi is all over the place: Amazon, iTunes, Lala, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, etc.

Top 3 songs? “By the River,” “One Hundred Miles,” and “Forget About Her” (a song I’ve yet to convince my bandmates to play live).

Now for the best part. Although our band has yet to leave the state of California, it’s always interesting to see how far our music has traveled. Here’s the latest:

    San Clemente, CA
    Allen, TX
    Arlington, TX
    Topeka, KS
    Bloomington, IN
    Martinsville, NJ
    Fairfield, NJ

Looks like a U.S. tour in the making to me. So, who ARE these fine people? If you’re reading this, drop us a line! How did you discover Chachi? Should we visit your town? What other bands do you like? Please let us know! Also, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!

7 comments to The Joy of TuneCore Trending Reports

  • Its very cool to see fans nationally like this!

    There is a site called Eventful that TuneCore works with from time to time – they have a widget that you can place on your homepage/blog etc that lets fans “demand” you play a gig in their market. Might be of use here?

    thank you

    jeff price

  • Randy

    Hey Jeff! Good suggestion. Works for Jonathan Coulton after all, who plans his gigs based solely on Eventful requests.

  • Jennifer

    if i did remember correctly, by the river is also the same song title of a famous song.. well, neil young’s down by the river in particular..

    i did not object to playing forget about her! i dont mind! =D

    just so you know that sites like itunes store do not work outside United States… which means they cannot have access to any online purchased mp3 downloads.(if they dont have a US account/credit card) =D

    i think we can work around that… 😉


  • Jennifer

    they cannot have access = international market

  • Randy

    Jen, do you suspect folks are accidentally buying “By the River” by Chachi instead of “Down by the River” by Neil Young? Nah. Even so, ours is a much better song, and I’m sure they’re satisfied with their purchase 🙂

    Also, our album is available in iTunes Australia/New Zealand, iTunes Canada, iTunes UK/European Union, iTunes Japan, and most of Amazon’s international stores. So, no workaround required!

  • Jennifer

    well, i do suspect international (at least my part of the world) pepz dont frequent amazon for music downloads.. they actually still buy CDs! im just thinking along the line that if they go to certain sites to listen/check out/buy music, chances are they may browse around too to look at other music. i hope itunes reach south east asia some time soon.. more people use itunes than any other music player, and naturally they may find us by chance and buy our music if they like it.. =)

    well, im not saying people are buying that song by mistake, i was just suggesting that they found the song by searching famous songs with similar title, and they like what they hear and buy it.. 😉 that seems to be a great approach in reaching out to new audiences.. 😛

    good to know that we are covered in most part of the world.. =D not singapore though!!!