Album 2.0: Enjoy the View

The last honest album cover.

Who needs a recording contract?  Nut us.  Who needs major label distribution? No one, not anymore.  Today we released our second album “Enjoy the View,”  another DIY production from start to finish.  Here’s how.

Recording took place in two locations.  Full drum set tracks were done at our rehearsal studio in Santa Fe Springs, everything else was done in my living room.

Performances were captured by a Presonus FireStudio Project, plugged into a Macbook Pro running Logic Pro 9.  I used Orange County Speaker’s GLS ES57 and ES58 mics (local equivalents to the famous SM57 and SM58).

Most of my lyrics and song ideas were written in Evernote, which kept everything in sync between devices.

Mixing and mastering was done on a big ol’ 27″  iMac (for obvious reasons) and monitored via KRK Rokit 5 speakers.

Online distribution was handled by TuneCore.  Our CDs were duplicated by Disc Makers.

Thinking about releasing your own record?  Then do it!  Anyone can nowadays.  In the meantime, pick up our new record, available NOW on iTunes!

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