New Album Update

Guess what? Chachi just finished recording their third album! Next up: mixing!

After that… mastering.

Then finally, they’ll send it off to the CD duplication plant and upload it to iTunes and such.

Okay, some of you may have misunderstood my last post, declaring Chachi’s brand new album would be released “by the end of the year.” It seemed obvious to me, but that means “by the end of the year 2012.”

I mean, come on.


4 comments to New Album Update

  • octobre 22, 2008 au 10:57   ·   Pas de souci, j'ai commenté dès que j'ai vu le billet passer sur Twitter, ne voyant pas le commentaire j'ai un peu insisté… ;-)Palpitt, on se retrouve souvent dans les commentaires / les lectures, il faudrait qu'on trouve le moment pour se retrouver IRL, un de ces jours !

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