Those Overtones

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Recorded by: Chachi
Written by: Richard Morales
Here we go, my friend
There’s something that I’ve been told
We could, define a pretty time
Before we grow too old
And I see you hanging on
Thinking we’re already gone
But if you hold me now, then go
Well I promise it won’t be long
But you’ve waited much too long

To really get it on
And the life I thought we could choose
Was simple, trivial, and best of all
It’s nothing that we couldn’t do
And so take your time
And what you’re liable to find
Won’t be too much for you to take
Like everything you’ve ever tried
That just made you smile inside

There is nothing that I want to feel from you
‘Cause I’m just someone who can be lonely too
I just someone who’d hate to change your mind

And I can’t believe we tried
To make it on our own, but we
Got by, though you and I
We were already alone
And you can go back, you go back home
To where you came from
Hoping your final dream was not of me
So you wouldn’t have to run
And then face the morning sun

Too much, it’s not enough you see
And the thoughts I tried to hide
They became the only thing
That sometimes I would deny
Then again, when we were friends
I waded through the tide
While you remained close behind

And I didn’t even mind
When you came back to take some more
And if we would meet out on the street
You’d say you drove up ‘cause you were bored
And then stay the night
Now I wouldn’t want to fight
But saying you love me now, you know
That wouldn’t make it alright
It would cut me down to size.