The Sweet Life

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Recorded by: Chachi
Written by: Richard Morales

Hey man it’s a simple plan to teach you what we know
Don’t believe everything you read
Or think you see because we’ve all been there before
But you’re alive still drinking up my blood like wine.

You left the world when you found a girl who could treat you very kind
And to this day you look away from the ones who brought you up
Oh we left them behind
But we were looking, baby we were searching
But she slapped you down and you turned around
Just to see her out the door
Even after she left us we still looked for more.

Five years can bring a thousand tears and there’s nothing you can do
Enjoy your life ‘cause the time is right to move on
And when I come down I’ll think about you
In the sand with the sunshine in your eyes
We may be moving fast
But we’re feeling alright

Hey man you got to take a stand ‘cause I can’t take anymore
A double shot with some pills and pot
Makes you come back when I thought you left me the night before
When the fog comes it can help you get inside
And if we stay together
We can live the sweet life.