My Girl Was Never Really My Girl Anyway

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Recorded by: Chachi
Helena said, "It's time for bed.
Would you like to sleep over?"
Exchange our hugs and eat our drugs,
And pretend you're much older.
So many things I swore I'd never do.
Until I met you.
But I grew tired of trying to be myself,
It wasn't working, I became someone else.
I've become someone else.

My girlfriend, is this the end?
Had we even begun?
Did your line drawing mean anything,
Or were you just having fun?
Your thoughts and words were always second hand,
But tonight would be different.
Can't wait to see me, you spoke on the phone.
But when I got there, you weren't alone.
Guess I'm back on my own again.

Turns out my girl was never really my girl anyway 🙁