It’s Been Too Long

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Recorded by: Chachi
Written by: Richard Morales
I wouldn’t mind if I lose one more day
I caught your eye, like a fool you were there by my side
Wiping the tear as it fell from your eye
And I wake up with the sunrise
Do you know how I feel?
In the night pray for me
And you think that you’re still
Good enough to need me

And you see what we are, and that’s fine
‘Cause you’re much more than I
By the time I return you should learn
That the memories won’t die
No, the memory won’t die…

Say what you’ve heard ‘cause it’s all that you know
Give me your word and I promise I’ll take things so slow
You’ve given me more than you ever will know
And now our time it just goes to
Show us that we were
Much too young to believe
That this life could give us
All we thought we would need

As you nurtured the love, it got old
Isn’t that how it goes
While you lay next to me, I get cold
Even though I’m at home
Well I thought I was home…

But from what I can tell
You made love to please me
Knowing desperately well
I get bored by routine

As you say you have grown, I won’t care
Given all that we’ve shared
You can take all I own, and forget
That I ever was there
Well I never was there.