Here for the Atmosphere

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Recorded by: Chachi
Written by: Randy Garcia
A substitute astronaut's miscalculation spells doom for ship and crew. As life slips away, he regrets his last conversation with four year-old daughter Anna.

I'm en route to rendezvous and join the crew
In lieu of spationaute Thomas Pesquet
You won't like it, but I have to go.
I know.

Time will tell if I'll ever come back home.
Communication depends how far I roam.
You'll forget me, I'll remember you
Adieu, adieu

Week 140: The V-CAM won't start
My single point of failure falls apart.
I'm useless, helpless. The air begins to go.
Breathe slow. Breathe slow.


I'm en route to rendezvous avec Soyuz
I'm here to monitor the atmosphere
Tu sais que je t'aime. Your voice broke as you spoke,
"Don't go! I need you here, please stay with me! Don't go."