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Recorded by: Chachi
Life is not enough until we all could live it
Happiness is dead unless we all get with it

How could you walk away, hey
Don't you ever feel like there's not much to say

If you think that fame is right around the corner
You better think twice or it'll take you over

Lighting struck as the plane flew in the air
I should be there, I should be there
Had I cared

See the lipstick, stained-dress girl sitting by the tree
Who could she be, who could she be?
If it's not me

Now I've had enough but I know there's more to do
Sending away frustrations one by two
And I can't help myself from off the floor
Far away you see the man take a little more

Notice all the drugs bleeding out from along the walls
Into the halls, into the halls
We'll get them all

Some would say to hate is nice, but a waste of time
It could be fine, it could be fine
To waste my time

Something about the way she plays as she goes back down
Sucking back burning shots she still hasn't found
And the laughs, we always make a few
Like it how the ones you screw they come back to you

Now I'm here, I could be there
I could die just anywhere that I please, if I please

Now I'm lost, I could be found
I could drown, laid underground
If I could, then I would...then I would.