Another College

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Recorded by: Chachi
Written by: Randy Garcia
This song takes place in the Tarantino Universe.

I'm giving up my wallet
I'd seen them here before
The local kids had called them
The Sid & Nancy of Hawthorne
Sailing off the beach de La Concha
I don't love her anymore 🙁
I'd rather drink Isastegi in the commons
The bourgeois scene is such a bore

All my life, all I've done
Hidden by such pretense
Being that I'm my father's son,
it's my only defence

I'm a man, so I can't walk on water
And I cannot lift that sword
I'll smoke 'em if you got 'em
And I don't mind sleeping on the floor

I'm emptying out my wallet
Maybe she's just another whore
But I don't care what you call her
I can't take much more

I'm emptying out my wallet
She's the new love I'm leaning towards
Another she, another fee, another college
The student life is such a bore

My life is such a bore